Surfing With My Family

Words and Photos by Olivia Schroeder

The house is full of sand. If it weren’t for the highly effective outdoor shower, I’d be sliding in a layer of it. We’ve been at the beach all day, yet neither my hubby nor I have gotten to surf. I am the happiest I’ve ever been and probably ever will be. I feel like my whole life on this coast has been leading up to this moment…

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Surfing with Girls is Just Better

Words by Kelsey Lawford. Photos by Leah Kathryn

Over the past 10 years of surfing and living in different surf destinations, I have found a common sentiment among the ladies and some of the guys.

“Surfing with girls is more fun.”

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My First Wave

Words by Hollis Baley. Photo by Jarett Juarez

I was working on the south coast that summer. I had been going to school in Newport the previous semester and that’s where I met Gabriel. He was the barista at the coffee shop where I went to bury my nose in books. I love that coffee shop, and I love Gabe. If it weren’t for the discovery of the two, I might not have found surfing.

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Minerals in the Sea: Essential for you and me

By Hollis Baley

Why do I need minerals?

You might remember the Periodic Table from your high school chemistry class.  You know, the one with all the coded acronyms like ‘Mg’, ‘Na’, ‘Cu’, and ‘Fe’, oh my!  I didn’t care much for it at the time but I now realize that this ‘magic table’ with all those acronyms actually represents a vital component to our existence!

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Surf Like a Girl

By Fran Embick

Surfing is a unique sport where you have to trust the ocean, trust yourself, dig deep, and then let go. When daily life is so filled with choices and indecision, surfing is an excellent example of seizing the present moment and just going for it.

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I Love Surfing in Oregon!

I love surfing in Oregon. I love my black wetsuit that makes me feel like a super hero. I love the rush of cold water to my face as I plunge into my first duck dive of a session. I love shifty beach breaks; where no one knows for sure where the peak will be. I love surfing with all my boys. I love those rarer days when I get to surf with my girls.

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