8 Reasons to Break Up With Sugar


I totally understand the overwhelming feeling of thinking about having to cut sugar out! Aside from the physical addiction of these kinds of foods, there is a huge emotional component as well. Bread and pasta are comfort foods; sweet treats induce ‘happiness’ and give you instant energy (though temporary); and alcohol, well, that speaks for itself. 

But the truth is that these sugar-laden substances are really hard on us – and whether obvious or not – these foods are taking a toll on our health.  As a society, we are slowly deteriorating our health by expecting our bodies to take these sugar hits, day in and day out. If you want to know just how good you can feel – it’s time to break up with sugar!

Look at these 8 awesome benefits that are the most common side effects of taking a break from sugar. How many of these resonate with you?! Are you ready to make the commitment to improving your life – the way you think, feel, and act – by making a few simple changes to the way you eat?!

8 Reasons To Break Up With Sugar





















The RESTART Sugar Detox is not about calorie restriction or deprivation. It is about replacing the toxin sugar with nutrient-rich alternatives. It is about replenishing the foods your body can use for appropriate and sustainable fuel. It is about empowering yourself. And it is about supporting others to do the same. 
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