Surf Like a Girl

By Fran Embick

Surfing is a unique sport where you have to trust the ocean, trust yourself, dig deep, and then let go. When daily life is so filled with choices and indecision, surfing is an excellent example of seizing the present moment and just going for it.


As a female, this sense of trust and letting go can be some of the hardest to tap into. We are typically not so quick to throw caution to the wind and release control over to trust. And the general stigma remains that women are more timid creatures, lacking the hard charging attitude because it is opposedly feminine. Despite those challenges woman’s surfing continues to grow and progress and the only reason for outlining these pitfalls is to identify and ignore them.

Being in touch with your own strengths, capabilities, and even mood during a given session is key to surfing. Knowing yourself can be just as important as knowing the ocean when it comes to surfing bigger and better waves. If you have a deep understanding of who you are as a surfer, you are more likely to choose the appropriate waves and consequently become a better surfer and have more fun. Erase doubts, trust yourself, thrust the ocean, and let go.